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п»їTools Of Touch: Staying In Touch In Ways That Matter "The royal road to others' heart is to talk to about the things they treasure most." Dale Carnegie I'm going to let you in on a little secret that can make your 2016 a year like no year you've ever seen in real estate. Ready? Here it is: It's all about people. Okay, Bob, that's no secret. Everyone knows real estate is a people business. Yes, but stay with me. It's all about people and how they remember you. That's especially true in real estate because if people don't remember you, you'll be seeking another line of work. The fact is, you can't spend all your time getting clients. If you did that, you wouldn't make any money - in fact, you'd only be spending it. You have to be memorable so people will return to you for business in the future and also refer you to others. We know from research that businesses spend roughly five times more to get a new customer than they do to keep a current one. The great business guru Jack Welch once said, "Business is about getting and keeping customers." To do that you have to stay in front of a lot of people - it's a numbers game. So how do you do that? Here are some tips I hope you think about for the remainder of this year and add to your 2016 business plan: For prospects - Get focused. Face it, you can't stay in front of everyone. Even the multi-billion dollar corporations can't do that. They spend billions every year in advertising and they still don't reach everyone. Look at your city as a whole pie and then decide what slice you want and then hit it hard. Know what they treasure. As Mr. Carnegie says above, if you know what people treasure you'll have something more than their ears - you'll have their hearts. Before you share anything with prospects, always ask if it helpful and useful. If not, wait till you get something of value to share. And when talking with prospects (and especially past clients) remember the "F.O.R.D. Technique." Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams. For past clients - Stand out from your competition. Think for a minute how many handwritten notes you got in 2015? Go ahead, count. One, two, more? I bet you can count the number on one hand. But think about the last one you got and just how different it looked and how it made you feel. Take time to write your best past clients a handwritten note of thanks this holiday season. I promise they'll appreciate it. And more importantly, they'll remember it - and you. Think consistency. Make staying in touch with past clients a consistent and regular part of your business. Think about all the times during the year where it makes sense to share valuable information with past clients: Think about the seasons -- in the winter what communication would be helpful to your homeowners? For holidays send cards. Keep them posted on news related to their area of town. Let me close by asking you to visualize what a perfect 2016 would look like for you and your real estate business. Stop now and write down what comes to mind. Think about a goal that excites you when you look at it. Go ahead and get a little crazy -- stretch your mind. It's okay; we're just playing with this idea. Let me hear from you. How much importance have you been placing on your communications with past clients and prospects? Are you communicating with each group regularly and effectively? Do you know what prospects and past clients treasure? Are people remembering you? If not, why not? Visit site: inbound marketing meaning for agriculture