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п»їManual VS Automated SEO With all the advancements in technology, it has become possible for search engine optimization, or SEO, to be an automated process rather than the traditional manual one. But is automated SEO better than manual? Which method is best to apply to your website? Automated In this sense, automated SEO refers to software that can be purchased to complete all of your tasks with little effort on your part. There are toolbars available for download that assist in effective SEO for websites, but these are ‘tools’, not the sole origin of your SEO, so is not considered fully automated. * It is easier and faster to complete SEO tasks automatically than manually, saving you time and effort. * It helps you to build a search engine friendly website by checking for broken links and completing other tedious tasks that can be highly time consuming when done manually. * It enables you to keep an eye on your competitors, as many programs will follow their rankings and delve into their SEO strategies for you.But, while automated SEO has its benefits, there are many disadvantages to implementing a solely automatic strategy into your website. * It creates low or bad quality backlinks, and the search engines will refuse to read them or will rank your website low. * Content cannot be generated automatically and, as this is a vital part of your website’s SEO, it can have a very detrimental effect on your ranking. * With automatic SEO software, there is an emphasis on quantity over quality, which is not going to do you good in the long run.Manual Doing your SEO manually refers to an individual or team of experts implementing the various strategies into their websites by hand, or with the help of an SEO toolbar. * Manually implementing SEO into your website will guarantee a better quality performance from your strategy, as it is focusing on the quality of your website. * It helps to guarantee the high quality of your backlinks, as you are able to track and pick them yourself. * It is the only way to create relevant and original content for your website without risking plagiarism.But are there any disadvantages to implementing your SEO strategy into your website in a solely manual manner? * It is a highly time consuming process that involves a high level of dedication and effort on the behalf of your SEO team. * It is a very slow way to implement strategies into your website and takes a long time to be effective. * If you are planning on completing SEO for a large company, doing it manually is near impossible or will take years.With distinct benefits and advantages associated with each of these SEO methods, it makes sense to perhaps incorporate the good elements of each, as they tend to cancel each other’s bad characteristics out. Visit site: branded surveys mintvine reviews saatva